Welcome to Equity & Bond Associates

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

Company Vision: To be known as the most ‘knowledgeable’, ‘experienced’ and ‘ethical’ Independent Financial Planner in the Middle East for the English speaking professional expatriate.

Mission Statement:

Company Mission: To SECURE our client’s and their families’ financial future by understanding their needs and wants by integrating our experience and knowledge of the real financial world to produce advice fit for the 21st century.

Our core values are:

Security:  To only recommend financial companies that have a reputation for performance, consistency and security and where client’s monies are segregated from the underlined fund managers and held by third party custodians and/or administrators to ensure safety of client’s funds.

Independence: To remain independent with no outside shareholders to ensure impartiality and access to a large number of financial institutions and their products to enable EBA to continue to provide ethical independent financial advice.

Customer Service: To provide a 5 star service where they place their clients’ needs first, to ensure they are frequently kept up to date with their current plans and whether they are on target to reach their desired financial objective. To keep them updated of any changes in financial markets or legislation that might affect their current and future plans.

Professionalism: Continuing Professional Development of its employees to ensure they are kept up to date with the real financial world and to continue to place their client’s interests first when structuring flexible financial plans.

Confidentiality: To keep client data confidential and up to date.