Welcome to Equity & Bond Associates

Our Principles

"Our Principles Achieve Your Objects."

Providing financial advice is not a pure science, due to the fact, that an objective can be resolved by a variety of possible solutions. Therefore, a good financial planner must have substantial knowledge; offer consistent, good sense and honest advice.

We follow strict rules of financial planning. Over a series of meetings, we carefully:

  • Listen,
  • Understand,
  • Ask Questions,
  • Analyse,
  • Diagnose,
  • Explain, and
  • Express ideas clearly

We always take the main aspects of financial planning into consideration:

Product Flexibility
Today, people tend to change employers, occupations and even countries more frequently then ever before. Therefore, it is important when planning for the future to have a product that can adjust to your new circumstances.

Investment Timescale
To provide a suitable program to match your timeframe/s, whether it is short, medium or long-term.

Investment Risk
Risk is an unavoidable part of any investment process. This risk can come in the form of a bank deposit interest rate not matching inflation, to capital loss on equity type investments. Risk can be controlled (never eliminated) by carefully diversifying ones investment into different non-correlated assets.

To ensure that our clients investments maintain real value.

To minimise the effects of taxation on investments. The Offshore Financial Institutions pay no taxes in their financial centres, so gains are tax-free!