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Value for Money

Enhanced Offers

Investment companies do not defer from other Corporate Institutions in promoting their services and products. To attract new business from Independent brokers, like us, they occasionally for a limited time period, offer enhanced terms on promoting new investment products and/or existing ones.

These enhanced terms can have a significant positive outcome to the end investment value. Depending on the Investment Company, the enhanced terms will be occasionally applied to regular or single lump sum investments.

Guaranteed & Protected Investments

For some investors, the idea of capital loss is un-imaginable. From time to time various Financial Companies issue guaranteed or protected investments. This guarantee/protection can come in a form of 95% to 100% on Capital or Capital and Income or just Income. They usually apply to single lump sum investments and occasionally on regular monthly investments.

Multi-Manager Accounts
(For regular and single investments)

These accounts give you access to a large number of investments with different companies cost effectively. It gives you the opportunity to diversify your assets with various investment managers and between traditional and alternative assets, which are usually non-correlated. It gives the investor the choice to switch from one fund to another at no or little cost, as often as required. Typically, the savings can be between 80%-100% on charges. Over a longer period it could enhance your investment by as much as 20% or more depending on the number of changes made.

Personal Portfolio Accounts
(For single investments only)

It is also known as the Professional, Executive or Wrap Account. It enables the investor to have access to virtually any tradable security listed on any recognised financial market. One can select funds from thousands of investment companies, individual stocks / shares, bonds and alternative investments etc.

This allows the holder with professional assistance to adjust his portfolio with changing market conditions. As in Multi Manager Accounts, the Personal Portfolio gets corporate discounts usually between 80%-100% and making changes (if necessary) to the underlined assets can enhance your portfolio by a considerable amount.

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